Archangelic Light Services

What is Archangelic Light?

Profoundly nurturing, loving, and spiritual, Archangelic Light (AL) brings the energies of the Divine Feminine, the Angels, and Archangels.  The client is asked to set an intention as the energy flows to the root cause and can bring to light whatever needs resolving.  It has been gifted to humanity by the Archangelic Realm to unblock emotional barriers and rebalance the energy field.   Once healing at the core level has begun, it affects healing at all levels (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual).  You do not have to be of any particular faith to receive this energy, you just need to want it.  As the practitioner, I am the channel for the energy as the client draws it in where necessary.  It can be sent locally or long distance. Archangelic Light treats many conditions and has numerous benefits.

AL involves a spiraling energetic light penetrating through to the core energy level to unblock emotional barriers and rebalance the energy field. This results in shifts in consciousness, relief from stress and fear, positive attitude changes, and mental clarity. Once healing at the core level has begun, it affects healing at all levels, creating a solid foundation upon which to build a strong mind, body, and spirit.


What are some benefits of Archangelic Light?

  • Accelerates healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • Balances emotions
  • Cooling , loving, nurturing
  • Enhances connection with Spirit
  • Enhances spiritual gifts
  • Helps connect to higher realms
  • Helps with ascension symptoms
  • New perspectives to a situation
  • Raises consciousness
  • Raises vibratory rate
  • Reveals higher self and inner wisdom
  • Strengthens connection to Angelic realm


What is a session like?

In a session, the client sets an intention for the session (what you hope to gain or accomplish). The practitioner then connects with the AL energy and uses hands to connect with the client’s energy field as the client lies comfortably on a massage table or chair. During the session, the client typically receives a range of different experiences, such as body tingle, feeling of floating, colors, cool or warm sensations, and sometimes profound imagery. If the correct intention is placed for the session, a lot of deep work goes on in a quick but very loving and nurturing way.


AL works very fast and a session can be completed in 30 minutes. Plan for an hour as time will be set aside at the beginning to set your intentions and end to discuss your session. AL can be sent long distance as well as in person since energy is not limited by physical boundaries.


How do I know if Archangelic Light is working?

It is believed that AL goes where it is needed for your highest good. It works differently for each person. When you relax, receive and turn toward the flow, you will gain more insight, healing and answers.

How often should I get Archangelic Light?

It is not possible to get too much AL since it is a gentle healing tool. It will greatly depend on your situation. We can discuss that together and come up with a schedule that is right for you.